Bordetella Bronchiseptica

A cause of “Kennel Cough,” this disease is similar to strep throat in humans and causes a “hooting” cough in dogs.


A harsh and incessant “honking” cough often elicited by tracheal palpation.


Transfers from animal to animal through coughing and the spread of infectious airborne respiratory droplets.


Colonizes in the respiratory tract of mammals where it causes inflammation.


Not usually deadly in healthy animals, but can be deadly in young or otherwise sick or stressed animals.


Treatment with antibiotics.


Dogs, especially puppies, should avoid contact with stray animals or animals with uncertain health. For dogs with compromised immune systems from illness or stress, care should be taken to isolate them from possible carriers. Vaccination is available for Bordetella.

Danger to Humans:

Bordetella is uncommon in humans, only 65 cases since 1911 producing a relatively non-threatening “whooping cough” in healthy people. In unhealthy people it can cause more serious respiratory illness such as pneumonia.

Danger to Other Animals:

Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Rodents, Monkeys, and Rabbits.