Every Dog Gets Them

Your Doberman puppy’s first veterinary appointment will include examination of his stool for worms, so you should bring a fresh stool sample. If signs of a worm infection are found, the veterinarian will administer an oral treatment that will kill the worms which the puppy will soon pass.

Periodically, your Doberman should be checked for a reoccurrence of these worms. Worms are easily spread, even by uninfected dogs. Worm eggs are also prevalent throughout the environment. Adult dogs can usually keep worms under control with their natural defenses, but sometimes need a little help.

To prevent intestinal worms, the Doberman owner should clean up after his dog. On walks he should always gather any dropping. The Doberman’s area of the yard should be cleaned up at least every other day and the dripping disposed of properly.

Also, the Doberman should be kept away from wild or stray animals and away from areas that they roam.