Your Doberman won’t tell you when he’s hurting. In the dog world, showing pain is a liability so they have learned to hide it well. This is very evident in tooth and mouth problems.

Oral care is often neglected. Simply providing chew items designed for oral health and feeding teeth cleaning milk bones is insufficient. The Doberman should have his teeth brushed on a monthly basis and plaque removed yearly. The mouth should be inspected often for injury to gums and damaged teeth.

Cleaning teeth, like many areas of Doberman care, is made much easier by starting early. Puppies don’t really require much oral care because their teeth are all falling out anyway. However, brushing his teeth early when he is small will allow him to become comfortable with the unnatural act.

Only dog toothpaste should be used and special dog toothbrushes make it easier to reach around the Doberman’s mouth. A good trick is to wrap a cloth around the bottom jaw while you work on the top and vice-versa. This helps to keep the dog from biting down on the toothbrush.

For plaque removal, there are special plaque scraping tools. Care should be taken with these tools as they’re sharp. Veterinarians and sometimes groomers offer a plaque removal service. They usually administer a mild sedative which allows them to do a thorough job.