The Doberman’s Sensitive Stomach

The most common Doberman puppy illness you are likely to encounter is an upset tummy with a little diarrhea. This can be caused by things as simple as stress or adjusting to the water at your home.

Similarly, adult Dobermans tend to have sensitive stomachs so special care should be taken with their diet. Changing food, people food, too many treats, and stress can all cause your Doberman a bout of diarrhea. These temporary tummy aches should be monitored. If they don’t clear up within a day or two, the Doberman should be examined by a veterinarian and a sample of the feces should be tested.

Just as you evaluate the things that go into your Doberman, you should also evaluate what is coming out. A little diarrhea is no fun for anyone, but worse is no poop at all. Constipation can also be caused by diet. It can also be caused by lack of exercise. In the worse case constipation may indicate an obstruction. The Doberman does tend to swallow inappropriate things so if you go a day or two without anything to clean up in the backyard, a trip to the veterinarian is important.

Also important is keeping things away from your Doberman that he could easily swallow and to train him never to chew on anything except the chew items you give him. This training is aided by having plenty of interesting chew items.