Especially Uncropped Ears

The Doberman’s ears should be cleaned and inspected regularly. The cropped ear of the Doberman is trouble free. However, if the Doberman’s ears are unaltered, left floppy as they are at birth, particular attention should be paid to ear infection prevention.

The main preventative of ear infection is proper and consistent cleaning with an ear cleaning solution. Care should be taken in not pushing material further into the ear during this cleaning.

Regardless of cleaning, the unaltered, or ‘natural’ Doberman ear will likely experience a few infections throughout the life of the Doberman. The key here is catching the infection early. Indications of an infection include redness, puffiness, excessive warmth, or a funny smell. A Doberman displaying any of these symptoms should see a veterinarian as soon as possible before the infection does damage or gets to a point where treatment is difficult.