10 years 27 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Our family consists of Stella, a 4 yr old female maltese, Leo, a 3 yr old male maltipoo, and recently Diesel, a male Doberman.  I have grown up with dogs my whole life, big dogs and small ones.  Diesel is our first Doberman.  My husband and I are very active (we are endurance athletes and compete in events such as Ironman triathlons, marathons, etc...) and are excited to have Diesel to accompany us on our runs.  Our little ones come with us for many runs (weather pending, of course), but I run without my husband quite a bit and well, white fluffy dogs just aren't that scary. 

At 4 mo, Diesel is running up to 2.5 mi with me and the other two dogs.  We are careful to not take him on very long runs until he is fully developed and his feet toughen up.  He is very smart, sweet and loving, but is still quite a puppy at heart.  Our main priority is to keep all of our dogs happy and healthy, but we want to make very sure we raise Diesel to be an exceptional Doberman and hope he will help change the current perception that Dobermans are mean and vicious. 

At the time our main focus/struggle is getting him to play gently with the little ones and to respect their space.  My other struggle is that Diesel doesn't love his room like I wish he would.  I work from home a lot and when he is better trained he can be out, but there are times when he will have to be in his room.  When I say his "room": my husband built a gate to block him from the rest of the house, and he has the kitchen area and a laundry room that has his crate and water and toys. 

This is a very helpful site and I appreciate all the advice, stories, etc from everyone.  Any and all suggestions/advice is welcome.