11 years 25 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

I was purchased by a family who didn't really do their homework before they got me.  The wanted a dog that was pretty but who would do good cooped up and then just lay around when it was time for me to be out of the cage.  But when you're penned up for so much time during the day, you tend to preserve a lot of energy!

They were nice to me though, and I got to do whatever I wanted when I was out of the cage.  But then I got big and they started to think that they'd made a mistake so they started talking about someplace called the pound.  I like pounds - of bones!!  But I think they were talking about someplace else.  My first mom sounded sad when she said the word, but I continued to play and do what I wanted.

Then one day my mom mentioned to a friend she worked with that she needed to find me a new home.  Thankfully, that lady knew some people who had been waiting on a dobie pup for some time and may be interested in me.  My mom and dad took me for a ride to meet these new people, and I was so excited when I got there. They had so much land!! (5 acres, but I don't know what an acre is) Compared to my tiny backyard it seemed to go on for eternity.  The guy I was meeting was nice but firm, and mentioned that he had some of my dobie ancestors when he was growing up.  The lady and I liked each other and I was a good boy. 

A few days later, my mom told me that I was going to live with those people.  I didn't understand, but mom said it was better for me and told me that she wanted me to be happy. 

I went to my new house on June 18, when i was just over 10 months old.  I like my new house, but I'm getting used to having some rules.  My new daddy goes away for 24 hours at a time every couple of days, and I hang out with my new momma.   I am getting better about getting reacquainted with my crate and it's slowly becoming my comfortable place, because I don't have to be there for long periods of time.

My new family has made me a doggie run outside, and has really nice people in their family.  Since they don't have kids, my grandpupparents adore me.  I'm a pretty good boy, but I have to learn some manners. I like to pull new momma along on walks. I think I'm supposed to walk her, right?  She said something about us going to some classes starting next week and I think I'll be an ok pupil once I learn to listen!! 

But I seem to be pretty happy here.  They bought me a nice bed and some bones and we go for rides and spend time together.  They have 2 kittehs who have lived here for 9 years prior to my arrival whom I haven't seen too much of, but I'm sure we'd be great friends if they'd just come out and meet me. 

In any event, my new momma and daddy say I found them, whatever that means.  I'm adjusting and we're all learning from each other.  Yeah, I think this is gonna work out just fine.