Sage De Britton

12 years 47 weeks
Doberman Pinscher / Male Red & Rust

Sage is from *Britton Farms Doberman Kennel in Smithville, TX . Purchased 2/7/2009.

AKC Certified Pedigree; Sire Rossiyskiy Kolorit Tibaron Maksimus & Dam Brittons Mika De Perlanera.

*I have no affiliation with De Britton Kennel other than our beauitful Dobe.

He is a big boy; 92 lbs. at 18 months & holding. Probably one more growth spurt coming since Maksimus was over 120 lbs. & Mika over 110 lbs., which rather large for a female. The large size is due to European pedigree.