17 years 34 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

   Dana is the first Doberman I ever trained as an assistance dog. I trained 14 before her as companion dogs, and one GSD. Funny thing, all those Dobes and a GSD, and in all my life, I have been bitten 4 times. Twice by 2 different Poodles, once by a Bichon, and once by a teacup Yorkie. That's why I don't like fufu dogs. I'd rather have a cat.

   Dana has been a wonderful assistant over the years. Her exact title is medical alert dog. She is a CGC graduate, and public access certified, which means she has the proper etiquette to be on a bus, or in a grocery store, or other public area dogs are not generally allowed in.

DANA TURNED 10 VALENTINES DAY (2014) AND I GAVE HER THE GIFT OF FULL RETIREMENT. Now Dana can rest and have only our neighborhood as her stomping ground. She will never have to escort me around town again. Ava is doing great and can handle taking care of me around town from now on.