7 years 47 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

" style="float:left" />Juneau is my first Doberman, and has so far lived up to everything amazing that I have heard about them. He makes me look like a star dog trainer (not the case). Despite a sensitive stomach and a couple of medical hiccoughs, he is turning out to be an amazing member of the clan and I can't wait to start him at our local agility club. For better or worse, his brother Otto is allergic to nearly every preservative under the sun, so I am well versed in food selection and supplemented diets. Other plans for him include obedience school, biking, hiking, and time at the lake, depending on what interests him (ok, not entirely--he will go to obedience school regardless).

I am curious to see how big or not big Juneau will get. His vet seems to think that he will get quite large based on his leg and paw size and height, but the puppy estimator puts him at 64.8 lbs. I am fine with however much he weighs, as long as he is able to be a good, active companion. But it will be interesting for me to track that.