9 years 21 weeks
Doberman Pinscher



My name is Havok (named after mama's favorite singer, Davey Havoc)

I left my dober-mom when I was 11 weeks old and came to Germany(this place is so green!)

I am a puppy of many talents, puppy eyes being my best talent, it gives me kisses so I must be good at it..

I like to wrassle, chomp, and above all I like to CUDDLE!! Sometime I get soo excited about cuddling, I can't fall asleep.

Mama says when I am a good boy I am a prince, Prince Havycimo, VC for short.

In comparison to my brothers and sisters I am the most lazy puppy.. the breeder picked me to come to my forever home because my mom is a first time puppy owner. I think we make a really good team!

She's teaching me lots of tricks! Which is OK by me because I get LOTS of attention..

I never pant, or wag my tail (nub).. and I don't know what dragons are.. My mom thinks it's weird, but it's just the way I am, I communicate thru  my eyes ;)  I'm just a puppers on a mission to be as close to my mama as physically possible!