13 years 12 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Q is a lovable red doberman, he walks to heel very well either with a simple high collar around his neck or off leash will stay on either side of me..whichever i ask of him. We are currently learning hand signals. Q at nearly two now is lapping up the training. Although the ball pranger is great for running and retrieving Q is looking 'for something else'

Addit Q is now...omg 4 years and a couple of months :) still lovable, still mellow and Sophie is 3.
We have a new pup in the house...Sophie a ten month old cross breed staffy/bull terrier/lab? not totally sure. :)  Never having a problem with Q...i found that Sophie pulls like a steam train despite ages doing various exercises with her. Tried the gentle halti which she spat the dummy with  (mouth breather) tried choke chain...no effect. Just bought two days ago The Gentle Leader...a body harness which if the dog pulls returns her to which ever side she is walking next to. Result....heaven and great for anybody with shoulder injuries