20 years 51 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

I was adopted about 10 years ago by Phil. I was a little terror, even with my brothers and sisters. I think that's why Phil choose me. I tested him constantly. Phil tried to put me behind bars, but I learned to get over it then when I grew up a little I just knocked it over. He really thought he was gonna keep me in there!! After I got out I had the run of the house and chewed on everything I could find. I thought maybe by doing this Phil wouldn't go to work and stay home and play with me all day. I loved to go for walks to the park, if no one was there he would let me run and run and run. When I got older he took me to work with him to work. I was so happy we were together all day and all night. I loved being in such a big truck. It was our home away from home. But I got something called cancer. But I didn't want to leave, I was so happy when we were together. I was getting sicker and it hurt me even to eat. I tried to make him happy even tho I had this thing on the side of my head. He took care of me night and day and stayed up with me, he kept wiping my mouth and peting me. I loved to be petted. I would always stand on the side of the bed when he would go lay down. And I would stand by the bed firsat thing in the morning to get petted again. I am not with him every day, but I am watching over him. I will always be by his side. I am in this big fiels with all these other animals I run and play all day long. There is a bridge on the other side of the field, but the othe animals here say I can't go on the other side yet, not till Phil meets me here. I miss him so much.