10 years 34 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Hi everyone. I don't have a name yet. I'm a little red baby right now. I'm still with Mom and Dad and my brothers and sisters. My Mom's name is MyA and Dad's name is Cactus Jack. So many new people coming here and picking me up. One guy came over when I was 2 weeks old, he took pictures and stuff. Oh did I mention that I was born on Father's Day? I wear a dark blue collar, I don't have a name yet. This guy came down and kept pointing at me, then I was taken out of my basket where my brothers and I were, we were tired and cranky. But if you pick me up I usually stop. I think he likes me or something.

Well I left my Mom and brothers and sisters, I went for a long ride and I am a little scared. But I am getting used to it. I like it here, it's taking me a while to get used to it. I can go up stairs too. Well not a lot but I try real hard. We are always going outside, I like it outside. I get to play alot here but I get tired easy. They keep taking my picture, what's that all about anyway. Everything is new here and little by little I am finding new things. Hey did I tell you how much I like it here? He keeps calling me Bruder so I guess that's my new name.