Curtis Swietlik

6 years 41 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Curtis came to us from DobieSOS rescue.  He is a beautiful red doberman with a sweet tempermant.

I started training Curtis to be a service dog as soon as we brought him home.  The work involved is time consuming and requires a lot of time and dedication.  Not only did I have written tests to pass, but numerous videos of Curtis in training.  After 7 months of training and tests with Service Dogs For Independence, ADA, CGC and CUGC, he is now a Service Dog.  Normally you see a yellow lab, retriever or shepherd as a service dog.  But not a doberman.  I am surprised because this is a very smart breed.  I am proud of Curtis.  My last doberman, Dyson who was also a service dog, passed away 2 years ago.  He traveled with me to San Francisco, Arizona, Boston, and Utah, as well as all over California.  I plan to do the same with Curtis!