13 years 9 weeks

 I talk about my previous experiences with my last puppy a LOT! lol...So I thought I would introduce him, etc. A boyfriend in High school bought me Kayne for Christmas because I wanted a puppy so bad! He was the last left from his litter, and I just HAD to have him! I had already been to the local SPCA, the Humane Society, other shelters, other places, but Kayne just stole my heart! He was a funny puppy, the first night I brought him home he slept in bed with me as I didn't have a kennel yet. He kept me up till 2am (I had school in the morning) and spent half the time biting at the wall because of his shadow!! Kayne was a very large puppy, when I got him (at 9 1/2 weeks old) he already weighed over 25 lbs!! My boyfriend broke up with me about 2-3 months later and at the time I was so heartbroken I couldn't even look at Kayne, so I gave him to my sister, he grew and grew and became an amazing dog. Well, as fate would have it, my sister had to give him back! I now had my baby back and could love him and love him for what I thought would be forever!! I was very wrong :(.......Kayne wound up biting a friend of mines 4 year old daughter, it wasn't out of aggression but out of natural reaction to pain....after it happened we looked him over, because I knew something wasn't right (he LOVED kids!!) Turns out I was right, he had a large laceration on the bottom of his paw! The little girl accidentally steped on it when she went to pet him and out of reaction he nipped!! The girl had bite marks on the side of her neck, just around and below her ear, she needed stitches for one of the spots where his tooth sunk in a bit, but you could tell by looking at the bite that he didn't intend to hurt her!! My friends weren't going to press charges as it truely was an accident, but, the hospital didn't agree! They called me and told me I either get rid of the dog, or they call the cops and have him put down!! Knowing my baby didn't deserve being killed, I called my boyfriend from high school, the one who got him for me! He agreed to take Kayne (he lived in another state) and update me on how he was doing and send me pictures, his mom came and got him (she lives close to me) and drove Kayne to my ex! I miss my baby every day, and wish I could see him but he is too far away!!! I wish this freak accident hadn't happened but it did, and I suffer for it!!