8 years 12 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

We were looking to adopt a adult Doberman, but found it very difficult to find one that would fit into our family.  When we did find one that seemed like it would be a good match, the rescue group would not adopt to anyone outside their county.   Their loss.   We were working with a rescue near by and after trying one of the adult Dobermans they had, they told us that they had just taken in a female Doberman that was pregnant with a large litter.   So after considering our options, we decided to wait for one of the puppies that were due any day.   On 9-11-13 Fargo, 3 brothers and 6 sisters were born.   And 6 1/2 weeks later we got a chance to meet the 4 male pups and make a choice.   Then 1 1/2 weeks later, we picked up our 8 week old boy.