Lil Mama

10 years 51 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Hi Everyone...I am the sweetest little girl you could ever meet. I was born the runt (I dislike that word) of 7 litter mates.  My dog dad is a red dobie and my dog mom is black.  I look alot like my mom so I was named Lil Mama.  I had some breathing issues when I was born, but the person there to help happened to be a respiratory therapist and knew just what to do.  I can be a little spacey sometimes like walking into sliding glass doors that are open, but I am cute...everyone says so!  Oh yea, my tail was attached crooked.  My new mom says that just gives me character and makes me even cuter.


I have a big sister who is 18 mos. that is Mom says is a Chihuahua in a Boston Terrier body.  Boy, can she be bossy!


Mom had a Dobie about 10 years ago, but wasn't home enough to give him the proper socialization and attention he needed.  She says he was a good boy, just needed more than she could provide for him.  So he went to a new home.  Now mom is retired and home all the time.  We get to spend time playing with my bossy big sister and going for walks.  I am proud to say that I have had only one accident in the house since I came here.  I think I am getting the hang of going outside.  I have also learned to sit in my crate and wait patiently when mom comes to let me out.  It is really hard to do though!


Oh, and my new Dad is completely taken with me.  He and mom had agreed before I moved in that I was not to be allowed on the furniture.  My first night, Dad scooped me up and let me cuddle next to him.  Also, my crate was supposed to be kept in the garage.  Dad said the garage was too cold and brought it inside.  Dad pretends to be all tough and macho, but he can't resist my charms.



It's been a couple years so I thought I would update my profile.  I am still the cutest girl EVER!  I am so glad that Mom didn't crop my ears because they wouldn't match my sweet face.  I don't think I could look fierce no matter how hard I tried.


I am still spoiled rotten and my big (little) sister, Chloe, has decided that I am ok.  We have a love/hate relationship, but isn't that typical with chihuahuas.  We love to share sunbeams that splash across the family room floor, but she won't share Mom's lap.  Mom says I'm too big to be a lap dog anyway.  So I settle for laying next to her on the couch or sometimes I can convince Dad to let me lay in his lap when he's sitting on the recliner.  Chloe can be such a tease sometimes.  One minute she'll be giving me kisses and the next she snaps at me.  I just can't figure her out!


My favorite pasttime is long walks in the park.  We have a favorite trail that is 3 miles round trip.  I get to greet all types of dogs and their humans.  Mom and her BFF will take these walks together so my sis gets to go, too.  Chloe likes to stop, smell every pebble, blade of grass, and has to leave a scent trail in case we get lost.  I just want to get to the top for the fantastic view of my city and think about all the wonderful friends I have yet to meet.