11 years 39 weeks
Russian Blue Cat-Color blue/silver-gray

Zoso is quite the cat. He is very vocal, the dominant cat in the house, and is very active even as a fixed 2  1/2 year old cat. If there is a door open he must go through it. If there is a knee he must perch atop it. Will barge into the bathroom with an abrupt meow for attention. Investigates every sound or moving object or shadow. Is very affectionate and loves to be pet on his exquisitely soft fur. Will endlessly taunt and try to mate with Tori kitty even though he can't. At the end of the day he just wants to be licked by satchmo and sleep on someones knee. 

If it flies, it dies. 

If it crawls, it dies.

If it gets in the house it will die within 5 minutes. 

Will show a dobe who is boss.