11 years 16 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Little Zelda was one of 5 puppies in the litter, the little redhead there in the middle~ (sorry for the blurriness of the picture). The pups were 6 weeks and a day old in this picture, the first visit to the little wiggling pups' home.

Zelda immediately caught my eye because she was a little red girl and that she was always the first one to react to me calling her with a few whistles and clapping my hands. The rest of the sisters ran up right after her, trying to steal my attention. They were all darling puppies who were asking me to bring them home!

That friday, my mother asked me weird questions regarding my responsibility of handling a puppy over text. As soon as I got home, my parents, well, my dad, surprised me with getting one of the puppies that the breeder had! We drove over to the breeder's place, after informing her that we were coming, of course, and I stood there, trying to pick which one I wanted. "A majestic black and tan? Or a regal red and tan?" I thought as the puppies ran around me as the day started to turn. Just then, Zelda tumbled into my leg, looking up at me with her hazel eyes, almost begging me to pick her. I picked her up and cast a look down at the other puppies who were playing with eachother, one playing with my mother. I had made up my mind, the little regal red was coming home with me, my little Zelda.


(lol i love how this turned into a short story of sorts XDDD)