18 years 3 weeks
Toy Poodle

Patch is a gray and silver, with some black, toy poodle. He's been with us for a good 7 years now!! He's a very obedient pup and KNOWS when he does wrong (like try and mark inside the house...). When he was a wee little pup, he was the quietest thing ever, i swear! His fur/hair is such high maintenance... We usually clip his fur ourselves, but last time we got him to a groomer :)

We got him a few days after my birthday in 2004 from a breeder about 45 minutes away from my home, I don't know where because my dad was the one that found the classified ad in the paper. I had wanted a chocolate poodle, but woman didn't have any, though Patch, this blue/gray, black and silver pup had caught my eye. He was the sweetest thing I've ever held... On the way home, he slept on my lap. He is AKC registered, but we never sent in the papers for him. Patch is unfortunate enough to have cryptorchidism, a condition where his testes never dropped after the age of 2 months, and we picked him up at the age of 3 months. Other than that, he's as healthy as a.... whatever is the healthiest living thing out there XD