Sofia and Bella

16 years 40 weeks
Doberman Pinscher/ fawn Shepherd whippet mix

We're really  not sure how old our girl is.. Don't know where she was born, how she got to Mexico or how many litters she's had. We think she was used as a breeder and then abandoned. She has a very mysterious past ( most great ladies do.)

She came to us quite unexpectedly in August of 2010. We estimate that she is somewhere in the 9's.

She is definitely a world traveler and has just published her debut novel. Life With a DoberDiva and has her own Face Book Page.



Bella is another rescue. This time right off the streets. ( literally) My husband was getting a windshield repaired and out of the blue and from under a barbed wire fence she crawled and rescued HIM. She was left alone for days at a time with no shelter whatsoever and depended on the school kids who passed by to feed her and a neighbor lady to give her water.. The owners are not sure what kind of dog she is.. but she does have halos on her ears and is the sweetest and best girl ever.  little thing.. only weighed 13 pounds at 10 weeks.. Sofia thinks she's a new pup. Bella will be an excellent Frisbee dog.. I've watched her leap three feet into the air and soar another five to catch it.. she's now 9 months old.. and is probably a shepherd/whippet mix.. cute kid..!!