K Tron Luck Of The Irish

21 years 29 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

My Tron Tron as I liked to call him was my last Doberman. He is no longer with us and I miss him greatly. He is the doberboy in my avatar. I rescued him from a bad breeder situation when he was 3 yrs old. He was being kept outdoors in a 12x12 chain link kennel with a dog house and a little straw. This is NOT sufficient for a Doberman in Michigan in the middle of February! His coat was rough and filthy and the tips of his ears were frostbitten. The lady told me he couldn't successfully breed her bitch so she wanted to get rid of him. Her only concern was that I didn't use him for dog fighting. She gave him to me for free with full AKC papers and pedigree and I took him home that night and then to the vet the next day. Despite his appearence he was hw free and otherwise healthy. After lots of good food, several baths, some obedience training, getting neutered and lots and lots of love he blossomed into the most wonderful dog I've ever had. He had a wonderful temperament despite all he had been through. I will never forget him and he is dearly missed.