Repertoire Memphis Belle (Aka Bella)

14 years 24 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Bella is a full natural Doberman , ears and tail she is a really big built girl her pedigree is mostly the Amazon Dobes uk, i have had dogs all my life but only one other Dobe but Bella is the brightest girl i have ever had, the only thing she does'nt do is talk.We walk the fells as we live in the lake district,Cumbria uk, we walk on average about 20 mile or so a week so, well i walk about 20 she must do three times that as she is never on a leash , she has built up alot of muscle but still tends to put a bit too much weight on which is unusual for a Dobe so we are batteling to get about 10 lb off her at the moment as she has just had a phantom pregnancy and piled it on, i am hoping to have a litter off her this summer that is why she is not spayed .

Her favorite places are the beach on the sand she just beams when we drive there, then up on the fells ,she just loves running on grass she does'nt like being on the roads much.

She has mountains of toys which we get given every night to partake in a bit of tug and war but Bella has this game nailed, she even falls asleep with the toy in her mouth as we are still pulling our guts out trying to get it.

She is so chilled out nothing bothers her not even fireworks.

When she is with the grandkids she turns into one of them ,skipping around and looking for mischief.

Her arch enemy is the chicken that keeps following her and nicking her biscuits and bone's, i think it is on a sticky whicket, she just get's a look in her eye that say's "one day chicken your number will be up",

but that is my angel, when we walk we cast only one shadow, she is my everything