7 years 43 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Kima is a total joy! She was. A rescue and although I don't know what she had been through, she was met with tons of love and is very well settled at home. She doesn't lack for love and affection.  Totally a spoiled girl :). She knows who's  boss and is very eager to train and show off what she has learned.  She is shy and playful so approaching other dogs to play is quite the spectacle.   At first crouching down and approaching with Ninja type stealthy then the puppy pounce and lightening fast speed as they run the dunes (when the other dog engages).  So many people are afraid of this gentle girl - dog owners always freak out at the Ninja move and then once they realize she's all play, they can relax.  It saddens me when other dog owners call their dog over to them and Kima misses out on other dog play.  She's the only dog in the house but is out every day for about 2-3 hours at dog parks and the beach with me.  I don't send her to dog walkers so we are together and hitched at the hip.  I just love this girl!