13 years 12 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

I adopted Bella from the Humane League where she had been found as a stray.  She had been bred more than once we could tell and when they found her she weighed only49 pounds, had no fur on her ears, scarse fur on her body..sores on her feet.she now weighs 68 pounds (as of yesterday) shiny, has beautiful, furry ears and is the sweetest girl in the world.  She knows she was adopted and is so happy in her new home.  She has a little agression problem with other dogs but I feel that is because she had some bad experiences while she was on her own.  We are working on it, and I believe we will lick it.  Bella is my 5th doberman and came to me when I was very needy and sad after having lost my Serafina at a very young age.  She doesn't let me out of her sight and vice versa. I adore her.