11 years 37 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Kayos our newly adopted family member is a Red European Doberman, who has had many travels in his young life and found his forever home. He was born in Germany, brought to Canada for breeding. Where he found himself in a loving home that could not care for his needs due to a marrage brake down, he lost his pack, both his leader and fellow dog companion. Then fostered in a city home, with out room to run, he found himself lost. His need for a home in the country and our need to find the right companion for our family has brought us together just a short week 1/2 ago. He has settled into a family lifestyle with two mature loving boys, who love to run & play with their new friend. Kayos is not a typicall rescue pet. Yes he came with a unknown back ground, we were given limited information on his behaviour and temperment however to our surprise he has had a lot of basic training and discipline. He suprises us daily. His submissive temperment and willingness to please humans is only one of the wonderful traits. Kayos is our first Doberman. I have been reading a lot of material on this breed, and found this site very helpful. We have big dog experience and little stubborn dog experience. We have rescued all our big dogs and given them each a good life into their old age. Our little princess " Jackie" the Jackrussell was our only pet purchase ( pet store, didn't have the heart to leave her in that mess). She was a strong willed stubborn girl, who we said our good byes to last summer at 15 yrs. She was to sick and living off of our love. It has been 6 months with out a dog, so we are adjusting to our lovable big baby.

Kayos is settled in.... Now at the 6 week mark, our quiet well behaived doberboy has exploded with personality... Still a very well discplined boy, however we are more comfortable with our new house. He now has his freedom and wow! that crazy "valcro" dog stage has come to an end. " Yes!" Mommy can go potty with out being guarded. He is comfortable enough to go outside on his own, and will sit on his bed instead of our feet. We have started our " Puppy training" He is showing off his smarts. Our Human boys are enjoying the interaction and developing a good bond with Kayos. We still have a bumpy road ahead, like any rescue pet there are some lifstye changes needed. On my list:

1. Don't eat the lawn guy, Cut grass is good.

2. Not cool to lick mommys fresh nail polish off before it dries, even if it is your area "the floor"

3. learn to greet and play with other dogs, not chase bikes, runners or anything that moves.

It's all comming.