10 years 7 hours
Doberman Pinscher

We got Apollo from a family who had a lot of Chihuahuas and Apollo was just too rough with them. We brought Apollo home and although he can be very playful, he's a great addition to our family. We walk tim 2 or 3 times a day and he loves napping after his walks. He's definately a big boy, his vet says he will probably be about 95 pounds if not more. Apollo is an inside dog, he loves having alone time in his crate and loves laying at our feet. He is definately a velcro dog and whines a lot if he cannot be right next to his family at all times (I don't mind him hanging out with me all day, he's a great buddy to be with). He is still terrified of his own shadow but since we walk to much, he is getting used to his surroundings and this fast paced world. I finally got him to let me file his nails when he needs it, check his ears and check his teeth but he pretty much begs to get brushed, that is his favorite treat when he does very well. Currently, I am working on getting him to enjoy car rides and respect the house. He doesn't really chew up anything at the house but we have caught him chewing on the tags on the sofa's and nibbling on the coffee tables. I owned 2 dobermans as a kid but this is my first as an adult. He gets along great with other dogs except for my sisters min pin, they are constantly bickering over attention. I joined this forum so I can get advice on how to help Apollo and myself give Apollo the best life as a dog and as a member of the family. Any advice will be greatly appreciated and I do take well to constructive criticism. I know a lot of people get Dobies and cannot maintain them so they end up being outside dogs and this is just not an option at all.