17 years 25 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

My Harley was adopted on a complete whim. My then boyfriend (now husband) and I were cruising around Sarasota, FL, one fateful day in April of 2009. Basically we were looking for trouble and BOY did it find us!!

I said to my boyfriend, lets go to the Humane Society....just to look for fun!" He agreed. I don't know WHY we thought this was a good idea. Maybe because we had done this at the Charlotte County Humane Society and came home empty handed...althought we could be parents to Sonny the Yellow Lab right now, if Jarrell (boyfriend/husband) didn't say NO. Anyways, I digress...

So we are getting taken back to the kennels to see what they have, no doubt an unfortunate amount of pit and pit mixes, (The poor things, I would adopt them, but temperments are too unpredicatble..) when there is he was, in all he black shiny glory, and HUGE, god he was huge. "WHAT IS THAT?!" I said as I pointed to the most beautiful thing on four legs I have ever seen. "Oh that's Harley, he is helping to teach a class to children about how to treat animals." My eyes must have been like Doe eyes as I looked at Jarrell, I was almost to the point of tears." We wanted to see him one and one once the class was over.

Harley looked nervous pacing the room. He took cookies from us, carried around a soft "baby" like toy, did some tricks, and I just basked in his regalness. I was completely and utterly head over heels. Jarrell said C'mon lets go lets think about it...and we did. I was heartbroken. I hated leaving him. I wanted him!! It just wasn't fair.

So back in the car, just crossing the bridge over to Lido Key to sight-see...I am pouting. "Do you wanna go back?" UHHHHH.......YEAHHHHHH???!!!! Really, was there ever a question?!

1 year and 3 months later and the rest is history. It hasn't always been easy. We've had many puddles left, loaves of bread eaten, various household objects destroyed....and GOSH sometimes I wanna kill him!!!! But then there are grunties in the backyard (rolling on his back in the grass is a grunty) chippy dancing ("attacking" or "dancing" around his rawhide chip or choochoo he just was given), whale calls and engine breaks (guttural noises he emits when he lays down), quick kisses on your nose when your laying on the couch just to say "Hi Ma", barking fits when he hears something I dont even tho he was just barking at a lizard on the front porch....

Harley is now 6 years old, and he is such a good kid. He is spoiled rotten. He is the light of my life. He tips the scale at 110lbs. Yet, he doesn't seem that big to me anymore.

5/2013-Harley is 9 now and really has come into his own. He is the king of his castle, but has gotten over many of is insecurities. I chock that up to having a loving family now. He has gotten lazy with the years, and literally could sleep all day if I let him. Well, who wouldn't with a pile of huge doggie beds. He is such a good boy, and I am dreading what his geriatric age may bring. I hope I can keep his senior years happy and comfortable.