11 years 47 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Hello everyone!

   My name is Kratos!  My momma called me that because she said the name fit me well, seeing as I am a doberman and all...for those of you who don't know, my name means strength and power.  My momma is always saying that no other breed can display my name better then a doberman, and well you already know I'm a dobie.  Momma was so excited the day she got to bring me home, she loved me from the first day she set eyes on me, that faithful day she came to choose one pup out of me and all my littermates.  It had always been her dream to own a dobie, especially a red.  I was the only red male in the litter, but that wasn't the only reason she chose me.  I was also the only pup that came to her, and looked at her straight in the eyes with my very striking wolf eyes.  I knew I had her then because she proceeds to pick me up and dazzle me with loving hugs and kisses.  I must say, we dobies are irresistable...  I digress...I now live my life in MY big, two-story house, mom still doesn't let me on the bed because she doesn't want me to start thinking I can do as I please, but we both now that I do as I please.  As long as I potty's all good.  But, I guess I can allow her to think that she's the boss, after all me and poppa get away with everything anyway.  I'll just continue to let her think that, it's good for her self-esteem.  I am such a good pup, and mom doesn't even know it...