10 years 17 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Magnum is now an almost 3 year old Doberman and weighs in at about 90-95lbs. Owning Magnum has definately been an adventure and a a great learning experience all in one and I am glad to have him in my life. He has taught me a lot regarding nutrition and regaining my interest in pet health. He brings so much joy into our household with his goofy personality. There are still days where we have an exuberant puppy like boy and days where he is a calm member of our house hold. As I look back at his puppy pictures I miss his small puppy size, puppy breath, hours training and molding it took to make him who he is today, but wouldn't change the new him for anything. He is still learning so I don't expect perfection just yet. He is everything a dobie is pictured to be. An absolute sweetheart to those he meets and knows we accept, a great guard dog deterant when needed for him to be, a soft sensitive soul during sad times, and a goof ball during all others. He has his special quirks unique to him that bring laughter and enjoyment on many days. This is only the beginning with our doberboy. I can say I have never met a dog exactly like him and we all cherish these special moments and lessons he has taught me over the years.