11 years 9 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

My Name is Dakota. I am about 3 months old now. My parents got me from a Breeder in St Louis. When they are gone i get to run around in the kitchen with my Best friend who is an English Mastiff. If my mommy and daddy try to make me sleep in the kitchen i bark and whine all night because I do not like to be away from them. One time we went from GA to TX in the car, and I did really good!! I didn't even potty in mommy's brand new car. I do make them laugh alot because i have floppy ears and my bark is kind of wimpy. But if the cat bites my tail, I bark very loud and deep. I love to lay down and cuddle. When Mommy or Daddy take my seat on the couch i sit on them. I like to lay down on their face or back what ever is available to me. I love when they clean the house because i get to chase the broom. Mommy sometimes walks around wrapped in a blanket and i attack it. Nothing gets to be by my mommy, not even daddy.... unless he pets me. Since they had me in December I learned to Sit, Lay Down, Shake (with bothe paws) and Sit Pretty. Sometimes i don't take the food nice :( But I am learning very fast! when they come home from work I trained them so they know i have to jump up give them a hug and a kiss. My Mastiff friend taught me that. But it makes Mommy happy to get her daily hug and kiss. Don't let the Mastiff know  told you, but i beat her up alot. I do not play with the Tennis ball or rope because i am easily distracted. But I do love to play