13 years 7 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

River is my AKC white doberman pinscher that I rescued from a home that kept him in a kennel until he was 6 months of age when I took him in. His kennel was too small for him and he could not even stand up in it. She had other dobermans that were beating him up so he had a few scars on his legs. He seems to be very happy in his new home with me. I have been trying to socialize him since he had none except with other dogs. He was affraid of sign posts outside of apartment buildings and HATED men. He is still uncertain with men but warms up eventually. I have a feeling he might have been abused by a man (perhaps the ladies husband) He is the best and sweetest dog I have ever met and I love him no matter what. He enjoys going to the dog park and out to Folsom Lake but only goes in the water up to his chest lol. We have a black lab as well and they are now joined at the hip. They wont go anywhere without each other and if the lab goes too far out in the water River will cry out for him to come back.