11 years 46 weeks
Doberman Pinscher


~ Emma ~

Born March 1st 2010, She had her tail cropped on March 3rd; her ears were cropped a long show crop on April 20th. On April 22, she was shipped to me here in New York by Delta Airlines. She had a lay-over in Georgia and showed up two hours late. When we finally had her in our custody we took her out in the parking lot and opened the crate. She came right out and starting sniffing us. During the flight she had ripped open some of the stitches in her left ear and was bleeding just a little bit. An hour'n half car ride home we let her sit on our laps and sleep, she was so very tired. We would stop every 20 minutes or so and let her out and walk around for a bit. We left her ears wrapped up until the next day I took her to my Vet to have her ear checked out and we unwrapped them there. She did end up ripping out two stitches in the left ear and it was pretty raw. So my Vet gave me a soft scratch collar, some anti-biotic pills and we left the ears down. I cleaned them out every day and put neosporin on them at night while we slept; and kept them bone dry during the day. Every once in a while during the day we would put neosporin on them and pull on them to stretch them out to keep the scabs from tightening the ear. But once we were done pulling on them we would dry them right back off. We never put the ears back up until all the scabs had fallen off, which her first Posting was on May 6th 2010.

A big Contributing factor in the way her ears are right now is because she wore this scratch collar!!! This Saved her ears alot of battle and time! I would recommend one to every dober owner. She didn't mind wearing it at all, mostly because it was soft and she could do everything she wanted with it on. I even left the scratch collar on the first week she was posted until she got used to having the posts in.

    Now that we've had her home we've never put her back in any sort of create since the plane ride. She was potty trained to where she goes and wines at the door in two weeks after being home.  She roams where ever she wants and sticks right-by our side. Around home I don't even use a leash she just stays on the property, now I don't even go outside with her when she has to go potty, I just open the door and call her back in when she is done. You still have to watch her when she out or she'll chase after something; But to my surprise when she Starts the chase (even deer) and I call her she will stop and come back. 

But lately here the snow is too deep for her to run thur - and she'll just hang-out where I've shoveled.