9 years 42 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Fidget was a shelter dog.  We know nothing about her past.

We adopted her at 9 months. 

She's very puppy-like, but is coming along in behavioral issues ... SLOWLY. 

She has a crate, and we started her out sleeping in there.  Unfortunately, she started to whine and bark after going to bed and, in the a.m., if we didn't get her out fast enough for her liking.  We foolishly started letting her sleep on the bed, but she's very "pushy" in the bed -- kicking you, trying to move you, sitting on you.  So we're training her to sleep on a bed on the floor in our room.  Currently, I wake up about every 2 hours when I hear her wake up, to redirect her back to her bed and recover her with her blanket. 

She's a bed-wetter.  She has (apparently) spay incontinence.  She started Proin (25mg twice a day) about 2 weeks ago, though, and it seems to be helping.

She was a real jumper and nipper when she first came to us, but is slowly learning that that's not cool.

Our two biggest remaining problems with her:  pulling on the leash (we use a Gentle Leader when she's really bad) and stealing things.  If it's not tied down, she thinks it's hers.  She's better with staying away from kitchen counters, but still not good. 

My biggest problem, really, isn't Fidget - it's my husband.  He's from a generation that believes in dog training the "old fashioned" (punishment) way.  AND he gets very frustrated that a puppy, from the shelter, has not learned to be perfect in 3 months.