Sasha Fierce

11 years 7 weeks
red/brown doberman pinscher, female, cropped ears & tail

We obtained Sasha Fierce when she was 10 weeks old.  She is brownish red and every bit of a doberman pinscher.  She came from a litter of 10 puppies and was the most active of all the puppies. 


My girlfriend had two doberman males before I met her:  Maximus (11 years old) and Quintus (7 years old).  Unfortunately, both dogs passed from complications due to congestive heart failure and cancer, respectively.  She was devastated to lose her boys. 


Sasha has brought a spark back to her which has been missing for some time.  I wasn't much a dog person in the past but have quickly warmed up to Sasha. 


Sasha's fav treat is sandwich cookies from Petco.  She loves going to the dog park and having other dogs chase her around.  We love her going to the dog park and wearing herself out!