11 years 25 weeks
Doberman Pinscher x Great Dane

Bruno is a two year old handsome Dob/Great Dane mix (mostly Doberman.) He is approximately 3.5 feet tall at the shoulders and weighs well over 100 pounds. He is tall enough that he can see over the kitchen counter when standing. When he lays down, he is as long as my bed, from nose to tip of tail.

He is the biggest lover you could ever ask for! He gives great hugs and will kiss anyone who gets in range.

I love Bruno for so many reasons. One reason is that he makes me feel safe. When we walk, or if he is in the car, no one approaches me or my children. No one knows that Bruno wouldn't hurt a fly, all they know is that he is big and looks mean.

He is so incredibly loving and gentle. This is a dog with a truly kind soul.

Bruno loves to fetch his Kong and his tennis balls. He could play fetch literally day if I let him.

But his very very favorite thing in the whole world is to cuddle with Momma and eat potato chips, especially the salt and vinegar kind (shhhh, don't tell his vet!)

Bruno's best canine friends are a fat dachshund named Lucky and a maltipoo/chihuahua named Nightmare. All the animals in our house are rescues and Bruno fits right in!