9 years 3 days
Doberman Pinscher

    We have been wanting a doberman for years and Finally we have her! She was born Aug 19th 2012 (So right now she is 8weeks old) We named her Marley because of Bob Marley ... I am a big fan of his ideas.... However everyone thinks we named her after "Marley and me" the movie... Which kinda bothered me at first (I had never seen the movie) then oddly enough 2 days after naming her I was at home loving on her when "Marley and Me" came on the TV.... ( I cried and cried and cried FYI) Now that I have seen the movie and I have had her for a little while I'm really starting to see a big resemblance :) From her giving me the Puppy eyes as she starts to poop on my carpet to her picking up her full bowl of water and running around the house with it until I catch her or its empty... Good Lord she is the cutest little thing ever ... I cant be mad for anything... I have never been so in love with an animal before and I'm a big dog person. Our story has just begun but we already have a TON of memories!