7 years 14 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Zeena is our first Doberman puppy.She is not like any dog we have ever owned.She is pushing a solid 95 pounds at 10 months.She gets her hour and a half of exercise on most days, is crated while we work and an active member of the family.I take her most everywhere with me hoping thats the socialization she needs. Been through a 8 week puppy class and everyone at the local pet store yells her name when we walk in.walking on a leash is a challenge, she gets so excited to see other people..she gets a little demanding when she wants to play by barking this high pitched hurt your ears kind of bark. we .have an older lab who wants nothing to do with the puppy energy but she wont take no for a hint. she seems fine around other dogs, just constantly wanting to play.Assuming this is just her being a giant of a puppy yet.Basic commands are worked every day and she knows it down pat, but sometimes she will not listen no matter what.