11 years 34 weeks
Doberman Pinscher

Snoopy is the new baby - literally - into the household. He is our second Doberman, My first one Rusty was my BIG ( very large Doberman ) baby but sadly he died two months ago very suddenly aged 4. As you can imagine it broke my heart . The vet thinks it was either his heart or he had a brain bleed as it was very quick, He was a beautiful dog, very human .He was nicknamed Cone Head as he had a big cone shaped head ( not normal but we loved him for it ) , We always said that was why he wasnt quite right uptop. So needless to say with a broken heart off we went to find another. Snoopy has filled a huge hole that Rusty left but will never replace him. Ok he is naughty, cute , wild, sweet and loving all in one. Typical puppy I guess, as Im learning also typically Dobeman where he is always always right by your side . I think I read somewhere that Dobermans are nicknamed Velcro dogs because of this, well he is defnitley a velcro dog. He is so so spoilt -