Zeus' ears are standing after two weeks of posting.. : ).need some advice..

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I took the tape off...along with all the fur on his head and ears  :-[.. It has been 6 hours and his ears seem to be standing pretty well. His ears are pretty flimsy (especially his right) when he is calm but both stand firmly when he is alert. I wanted to make sure this is normal and natural for the ears and get some advice. I have only been posting for two weeks. Should i post them for another week just to be safe or is he good to go? I have attached a picture... Thanks!

I doubt his ears will stand after only 2 weeks of taping. They don't appear to be a short crop from the picture. It is normal for the ears to stand like this for awhile then you will probably see them start to droop. It is important not to let them droop and don't let him go to bed before retaping them. Keep up the good work it is well worth the effort.