Yet another dobe ear question

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I recently adoped an almost 3 year old dobe. He is a great dog that came frome a bad place. His previous owners did a terrible crop job and only 1 ear stands. I know he is way to old to post that other ear. but can it be taped down and after a while and will it stay that way. Any comments?

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I think you would have better luck re-posting rather than trying to tape the good ear down. This would be a long shot but the breeder that designed the posting system I use claims there is no age limit to stance training. I'm not sure about this but I have had good results with a dog at one year old.  This is his link. Also, another option is an implant. This is done commonly enough that your vet should be able to do it or recommend someone. Or you could just have a dog with a little character. Hope this helps some.