Why can't they get on?

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I have a Doberman Puppy he has just turned 13 weeks. He is such a lovely puppy and is so intelligent. He has learnt alot of commands already and everything is going well in the house.
As we think socialising is very important he goes to Puppy classes on the weekend and plays in the field with about 20-30 other puppies. When doing this he is great and runs around playing with all the puppies big or small.

The only problem we are having is with my best friends puppy a jack Russell called Roxy.
We had Kaiser and Roxy around the same time, they got on great at the start and this was very important to my friend and me because we spend so much time together.

The last few weeks though he is playing very rough with her and barking at her uncontrollably when we allow them to play. My friend is worried because Roxy is so small being a Jack Russell pup and Kaiser is very overpowering.

We thought maybe it was because Roxy was coming over our house and Kaiser didn't like this so we arranged to go to the local park.
We took them out last night and had to go home early because it was just getting to much and my friend thinks he is being aggressive but he is being playful.
I have tried reinforcing the NO command but nothing happens, this is really getting to me because I know that he is so well behaved in Puppy classes and my friend just thinks he an aggressive dog.
I really would love to be able to take them both out for walks down the beach or park so any ideas would be great?


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That's how Dobermans play, they bounce around and bark. At the puppy class he has many dogs catching his attention, but with your friend he only has one. So, he's probably getting excited and barking really close, giving little nips or nudges. This is how dogs encourage each other to play. As long as he's doing the play-bow and has a higher pitched bark, there's no aggression.

You could keep him on a lead when you're with the friend, until he gets older and less goofy. If will be easier to correct him for not listening to your know also.