The whole dog journals top 10 dry dog foods

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I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Whole Dog Journal but every year they come out with a list of top dog foods that meet extreme criteria. I though it would be interesting for some to take a look at what made the list. Each of the manufacturers have several lines available but I will list the representative variety. These are in no particular order.
1.Addiction Foods-Salmon Bleu
2. Back to basics- back to basics honesty chicken formula
3. Breeders Choice pet foods-Pinnacle hoistic chicken and oats
4. Burns pet nutrition-brown rice and chicken
5. Artemis pet foods-made by diamond pet products- fresh mix adult
6. Bench & field pet foods-made by eagle pack pet-bench & field holistic natural canine formula
7. By nature- by nature organics chicken
8. Canidae-made by diamond pet products- Canidae grain free
9. Canine caviar pet foods- chicken & pearl millet acult
10.Della Natura commodities- Wenawee adult formula
11.Diamond Pet products-Chicken soup for the pet lovers soul, premium edge, taste of the wild
12.Drs.Foster& Smith-Chicken and brown rice
13. Castor & pollux pet works- Organix adult formula
14. Dick van pattens natural balance- organic formula
15. Dogswell,llc-Vitality
If anyone feeds any of these and wants additional information that was written, or would like websites for them let me know.

I also found it interesting that they suggest to switch foods regularly, and have a list of the benfits of doing so. You don't want to switch all of a sudden though you should so it gradually over a couple of days. Start with 75% old food 25% new food at one meal, then slowly increase the amount of new food and decrease the amount of old food until the dog is eating only the new food.

The other thing that was interesting from the list is that Diamond Pet Products make so many that made the list.

here is the rest of the list;
16. Evangers dog & cat food- Chicken & brown rice
17. KLN enterpries/tuffys pet foods-Natural planet organics
18. Lincoln biotech- zinpro
19. Natura pet Products- (California natural,Evo,healthwise,innova)- evo red meat large bites
20. Fromm family foods-fromm classic adult formula
21.Life4K9 pet food corp- chicken & barley formula
22. Merrick pet care- Campfire trout feast formula
23. Natures variety- instinct rabbit meal
24. Perfect health diet products-instinct rabbit meal formula
25. Perfect health Diet products- PHD Viand
26. Pet Chef express- Salmon & potatoe
27.Peton distributors- performatrin ultras chicken and rice
28. Precise pet products- Precise plus adult formula
29. Solid Gold health products (my favorite) wolfking formula
30. Wellpet- eagle pack, wellness core- wellness chicken & sweet potato
31.Petcurean pet nutrition-Summit australian lamb formula
32. Taplow feeds- firstmate's chicken & blueberries formula
33. Versus pet foods- life advantage adult formula.
that was way to much to type. I'm also surprised at how many of these I've never heard of. Many are from Canida also.