When do I switch puppies to adult dog food?

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The lads are 5 months old and have been on Eukanuba large breed puppy chow their whole lives.  About 1 month ago, the vet said we could move to adult dog food whenever.  The puppy chow seemed to be working out well, the pups looked great, so we didn't see a need to change.

Then I checked the dog food bag the other day and found that it recommends decreasing the amount of food at this point.  I assume the logic is that they don't need as much at this stage of growth.  So does that also mean adult dog food would be appropriate?? 

(Of course, I just bought a new 40 lb bag so the switch may be delayed slightly!)

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The idea is to keep the puppy from growing too fast. Fast growth will increase the likely hood of skeletal problems such as dysplasia. Too much food will cause excessive growth speed.

I keep puppies on puppy food until after a year to a year and a half. this is when the bone growth slows significantly.

It's also wise to limit exercise for puppies under a year of age. Over exertion can cause skeletal problems as well.

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Rednailz - I totally agree with horseatingweeds, and that is to be expected, for that is what I was told when I first started with Dobes and have never found a reason to question it. I do not find the extra expense of Eukanuba and Iams to be worth it, I feed either Pedigree or Benefil and my dogs love it. If I feed Pedigree, I buy a small bag of Benefil and sprinkle it on top as a treat. But, it has been a long time since I only fed one dog. (Currently 1 Dobe and 4 Miniature Schnauzers. A brief fling with the Schnauzers led to my have 3, Mom, Dad and one lovely light S&P male. Then my older Sister passed away and I inherited her 16 year old male). I have always had at least one Dobe since 1982.

As to the quantity, I feed my Dobe twice a day, and only about as much as he will consume in 5 minutes. Since yours are 5 months old, they should have the sleek smooth sides of a Doberman. If they appear to be "a little pudgy", then cut back a little. You should also not be able to normally see even the hint of the ribs, if you can see the ribs at all, then increase a little. As the weather cools, you will need to increase the feed a little, and next summer as it warms up you will need to cut back a little. I will assume they are inside boys.

Also keep an eye out for scarfing as I call it. If one finishes and leaves a little, does the other scarf it up? If so you may have to feed them separate, for the second one will be overeating.

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the boys are 9 months now...and still growing up....they are still on puppy food.....horse and i have discussed the food thing...my guys are eating tons...and the food just went up to 55 for a 30 lb bag.....we get frequent buyer...free one every ten...but i am wondering about finding less expensive..(didn't want to say "cheaper") food ....i am wondering if using the more expensive food is better when they are puppies...or what to do.....soon the puppy food amounts will be starting to go down...as they get heavier.....75 and 70 pounds now.....i cant imagine letting them eat for 5 minutes straight...as they go through their 4 1/2 cups in about one minute....we had to put some stones (almost the size of tennis balls)in the bowl to slow them down...they were eating so fast that they were vomiting after....i am going to make a new post about food types i think........horse.....since it was mentioned here...i got a question about limiting the running....i take the boys out to fields and rivers a lot....they run full tilt all over the place...they are off leash...but always return to a whistle...but these boys are going full tilt...and i want them to experience rivers lakes and fields and forests...they love the car.......should i worry about them????...there have been a few limpy days here and there for both of them...kind of like a light sprain..no blood.....how do you stop two dobie brothers from running.....and to be honest...selflishly.....i love to watch them run and jump and playfight......its part of the great joys they give me...and they sleep so well after...lol.......anyway....sorry to be so yappy...be well all....