What type of Food to feed my doberman puppy?

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I have been doing extensive research on the recalls on food and trying to find a Premium puppy food for large breeds (although I am not in North America) I am limited to which brand.

So far I have come up with Eagle Pack's"Holistic Select Large & Giant Puppy Breed Formula.
Of course I would supplement with :

  1. Eagle Pack Holistic Large puppy - dog foods - kibble
  2. Dietary enzymes - which are missing in all kibbles
  3. Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes - a combination product
  4. Vitamin C
  5. Joint Support Supplements
  6. Fruits/vegetables/meat options

Does anyone have any input on Diet's for new Doberman Puppies?

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I'd be interested in any other information you have to post on this subject tagas. I've tried doing some research on Doberman food but it's tough. There's a lot of contradictory information out there.

Right now we’re feeding Proplan. Admittedly my wife knows a supplier and we get it for free. I’ve thought about the raw-fed diet but crap – my dogs would cost more to feed each than I do! (But then again I’m not a recreational eater….)

Another concern I have is my male. He’s as healthy as can be but he goes through these long cycles of having runny poop. At first I thought it was from anxiety. It started when I has having some medical stuff done. Every morning after a procedure, or if I got sick, I would wake up to a Drayko mess.

Now though it continues, coming and going.

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Are you giving him large quantities of treats ,which will cause the loose stools?

If you have recently wormed him using the same wormer is probably not going to fix it, and worming too often can also cause loose stools.

If a dog has loose stools the things I suspect are:
1) worms,

after I have eliminated those possibilities I would move on to:

1) reaction to a disgusting non-food item that has been consumed,
2) allergies.

Although I will say from my experience you need to Feed him a High Quality Dog food, Proplan didn't fit in with any of my Dobermans, Skin problems and runny stools is what I had
your dogs diet will play a huge roll in his health, proplan and cheaper dog food are mostly fillers,
Although High Quality Dog food may be more expensive you'll find you will feed him less cups per day, and much less vet bills.

In the long run it's really worth it, If you do plan to change his diet, do it gradually, I feel positive you'll see a difference, give it a month or so.

Here's a great read on Dog Food decoding : http://www.iheartpaws.com/articles/35/3/Dog-Food--Decoding-Fact-from-Fic...

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We feed ours Solid Gold Holistic, and have had good luck. They have puppy and large breed puppy formulas.

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I feed my new pup the Blue Buffalo brand food and he has been doing great.  It's sound funny, but I also feed my pup a little flax seed and fish oil for his coat and heart.  Another supplement I give him regularly is a good probiotic.  This will definitely help with stomach issues.  I also think I read a comment about digestive enzymes.  We need them, so the pups would probably do well with them also.

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Hi jncwhitt,

Those supplements are good. I'm not sure about the probiotic though. I doubt it will hurt, I'm just not convinced about all that. I can blame that on my brother - he's a pathologist. He does take fish oil himself though - studies and all that.  ;)

Just avoid any vitamin and mineral supplements. If you're already feeding a balanced fortified puppy food, additional minerals can make the diet imbalanced. I was just reading about that in one of Dr. Ackerman's books.

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Finding a proper dog food is a matter of researching the ingredients. If you would like to make an informed educated decision for your self you can go here. http://www.acreaturecomfort.com/ratingpetfood.htm there are many good dog foods.  I personally use Canidae All life stages and have found it to be second to none.
It is also readily available at many chain pet stores and best of all reaSONABLY PRICED You will be surprised how many major brands are junk

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Hi go to your local feed store, they will have a list of all the recalled food. they will not have any on the shelves either.
Ask them to help you pick the best non corn based dog food that is not so expensive.
I have a beef and rice that I get from the feed store 50 lbs for just under $22.
Good luck this also comes in a puppy formula for large and small breeds.

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We also feed our baby Blue Buffalo and Merrick's canned. Our vet recommended yogurt for his stomach, and Metamucil? tablets for diarrhea since he was going through chemo