what brand do you feed / size and price

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natural choice large breed puppy w/glucosamine  55$ cdn for 30 pound bag

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Diamond beef and rice 50 lbs for just under $22.
I get it at a feed store cheaper than a pet store by about $10 a bag.
Please remember we are feeding dogs not cows and corn is for cows..

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We feed our Remy, Blue Buffalo dry dog food we get it at Petsmart. It is about $42.00 for a 30lb. bag. If you go to their website you can get a $5.00 coupon.  They claim it is human grade and all the ingredients are from the US. Good Luck!

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Royal Canin maxi Large breed puppy -48.00 for a 35lb bag at Pet supply  and 4.00 for fish oil suplement at Wal-mart.

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Finding a proper dog food is a matter of researching the ingredients. If you would like to make an informed educated decision for your self you can go here. http://www.acreaturecomfort.com/ratingpetfood.htm there are many good dog foods.  I personally use Canidae All life stages and have found it to be second to none. It does just what it says- it is food for puppy to adult
It is also readily available at many chain pet stores and best of all reaSONABLY PRICED You will be surprised how many major brands are junk