Vet sedatives or Rescue Remedy?

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Hi everyone.  I have some questions about our Tauchey and his crate issues.  We have spoke with a couple of behaviorists and our vet.  They feel that he could be experiencing either seperation anxiety, or he could of had a really bad crate experience before we got him.  The vet offered sedatives....but i'm a little nervous about that.  The one behaviorist told us about "flooding" and how to do that with him, and the other told us to get something called Rescue Remedy from the health food store.  She said it's for humans, but can be used on pets as well.  What do you guys think?   

Also, how can we tell if he is bonding with us properly?  The one lady suggested we put him in puppy class.  She said it helps with bonding, but we have been training him here at home since day one.  I do most of the training, but my kids and husband pitch in too.  My hesitiation to put him in puppy classes is mainly because I have been training here, doing things my way so to speak, and if they do things different there, I don't want to confuse him.  He already knows all the basics right now, so I don't personally see the point of taking him, unless you guys can offer me some better insight.  Thanks for all your help :)

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About the sedatives, I don't believe in drugging my dog to get a desired response. In my opinion I don't think that is training.  People trained dogs long before there were drugs to give them and if they medically do not need drugs then i don't think that they should have them.

Personally I found puppy class to be great.  And not solely for the training aspect either. I found it a great way to socialize Soleil with other puppies both big and small.  She excels at meeting friendly new dogs now and I attribute some of that success to the puppy class.  They also taught me some neat new tricks on how to calm her down when she was being a hyper crazy puppy. My class also covered Crate Training.  I do not know if it is the standard format of a puppy class but in ours we would do a little training and then let them off leash to play.  The trainer and puppy parents would watch for signs that the play was getting too serious and he show us how to correct it and what was just play.  He also showed us what to do to correct mouthy behavior and various other naughty habits.  I thought it was a very good experience.  It also was great for bonding with her and she showed amazing focus on me with all the other puppies around. 

My other dog the golden is completely home schooled and although he is rather well behaved I think he missed out on the socialization a puppy class can give.  He meets new dogs mostly well but at times he is a bit more dominant. 
I found puppy class to be great but I am sure you will find other opinions.  I would check out the trainer and watch one before signing up so that way you can decided whether it would help your dog. 

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i tried the rescue remedy on my old sheperd misty (65lbs)...she was a nervous nellie for sure..till you crossed the halfway anyway...i did not find it to work at all....whenever i gave it to her it had no the point i did not want to give her to many drops....with blue and hogan...8 months...when we ask them to go to their crate...we like to give them a for travelling...i am lucky and have a they travel open in there and are very good...just did a 5 hour ride home from the cottage...all theydid was sleep and come say hi every now and then...i just read the post of four wheeler...and i am not sure how...but they are getting too excited for some reason...and excited dobie pup...imagine that...i am finding that as they get older..they are settling....and i am finding less need for crating...for what good is your dobie...or any dog for that matter if they are crated...when they could be gaurding the house.....have you gotten into the crate with them...i did that and they seemed to like it...maybe it was like i was laying on their couch...with they lay on my couch...with me....good luck.....oh yeh i also leave the crate door open all day..and they might go in for a short shnooze....

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In addition to our Doberman pup, we have an 11 year old Weimaraner who at age 8 developed an accute fear of thunder and lightning.  When we/he feel(s) a storm is on the way, we dose him with a full dropper (R R is a botanical product and very safe) of Rescue Remedy sublingual, and crate him.  It works very well.  It works best if you dose him prior to the full onset of the panic attack.  Rx sedatives are way too strong and leave the dogs too dopey.