Teaching my 1 year old male to sleep without me!

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Hey everyone! I am new to this site and I have a male doberman named Rhino that just turned 1! He has slept in and out of a crate since I have had him but normally sleeps with me. I need to train him to sleep with the other dogs so when I'm not home he isn't hogging my parents bed. He cries in his crate and I am not sure if I should try the crate in my room next to my bed first or where to even begin! Thanks!

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Lol keep him in the crate and let him cry it out. Letting out is reinforcing if he cries he gets let out. Might have some sleepless nights but stick to it just like if he was a puppy. Always wait for silence till you let him out. We used to have Ares crate in our bedroom but since getting our rescue girl both of them sleep in their crates in the downstairs hallway. Ares wasn't thrilled at first but is totally ok with now :)