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Hi am Calvin . A week back a friend of mine wanted to send away his 35 days old Doberman-lab mix so i brought him home . He is very active and sleeps indoors. Does his potty outside at all time. Drinks milk 5 times with some buiscuits. I make him walk twice a day to tire him out. He is 45 days old, got his fist combined vaccine shot too .


Comfortable with collar too but when should i start leash training him ?? PLEASE advice. 8 out of 10 times he sits wen i say 'SIT' n raise my hand n then pop a puppy treat to him. People kindly advice on how to train him n WHEN to start training. 

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You are already way ahead of the game. He is really young so to have him doing the basic things you have taught him that is really good. Now the leash training can start as soon as you want. I waited to long for my dog so it really took some getting used to for him. One method I tried was to put the leash on him and let him run around and play normally. Make sure you supervise him so that he doesn't start chewing on the leash. As he starts getting used to feeling a little drag on the leash and seems comfortable with it then just pick it up and let him play. One of the biggest things is to keep him in your yard until he is up on all his puppy shot cycles. I did not walk my dog out of the yard until his fouth series of shots. The poop from other dogs can get your puppy sick and just about anything else. His immune system is not fully developed. This was the hardest thing to do because dobbermans are full of energy so as he grew he wanted to play and I needed to take him to a bigger space. There are alot of mental stimulation games that can help tire your puppy out and train him a good one I do even today is find. Instead of feeding him I take his food and make him search for it around the house. His treat is the food and he has to sniff around until all the food is collected. He really likes it.